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Doshas in general 

When I try to simplify the condition, we start with pain. We have to know Vata, the principle of how Ayurveda sees humans in a functional aspect. The element configuration remains with the dominance of the air and space element. With normal function, energy, positivity, all functions in connection with the respiratory system, various actions – both at the microscopic and macroscopic level -, movements and functions in connection with natural drives, the correct and harmonious functions of different tissue systems and their metabolic activities would be given, etc . to carry out the sense organs etc.

Pita  , the elementary configuration is the dominance of fire and water. The heat and temperature management is responsible for all digestive and metabolic activities in all dimensions and depends in many ways on the eyes, thirst, hunger, appetite, charm of the body, intelligence and the associated mental functions, courage and softness of the Body together etc.

Kapha  , the elementary configuration is the dominance of water and earth. Responsible for stability and structural strength, greasiness of the body in general and deeper aspects, strength and stability of the joints, strength in general.

From the above aspects, we can see the body in every way, how it performs the physical, chemical and biological activities. We can see the entire human system through the three filters of Doshas (Vata, Pita, Kapha).


Given the migraines, pain is the dominant problem. According to Ayurveda, there is no pain without Vata. Vata is the factor responsible for movement, without which the other functions of Pita and Kapha would not be possible. We also have to take into account that there is no situation attributed to a dosha since the universe is a different combination of five elements. The dominance concerns Vata, but there will be an association of Pita and Kapha. This depends on various pathological reasons and prakriti. Therefore, the quality and the minute details of the associated symptoms would also be different. There is a difference to Ayurveda, it means different treatment modalities for the same disease when it comes to different people.

General pathology of head diseases

Air pollution, too much sun, cold, excessive use of water activities, too much sleep or less sleep, sweating of the head, stress and related conditions, keeping tears, too much water intake, excessive alcohol consumption, infections, blocking of the natural urge, not cleared up and being clean – both internally and externally, reduced oil application body, using computers or similar activities that require the person to look down for a long period of time, indigestion, prolonged speaking in a loud voice, etc. Because of these factors, the doshas burdened with the dominance of vata that reaches the head to create the pathological process.

Ayurvedic principle of treatment

The main Ayurvedic difference is that we treat the patient. Not the illness. Our main priority will be: Why does the patient suffer from migraines at this age, in this history, in this prakriti, in his habits, activities, etc. The treatment principles and modalities would be different.

Our Approaches.

1. Correction of the underlying pathology

Use of herbal medicine to correct digestive and metabolic aspects, including detoxification treatments, etc.

Treatments such as Shirodhara, external herbal use, Nasya, etc. would be applied accordingly

2. Use certain combinations of herbs to improve your personal condition

Guluchyadi Kashayam, Amrithotharam, Pathyashadangam etc.

3. Pancharma modalities

These would be selected according to the chronic nature of the disease, the pathologies associated with it, etc.

Colon wash, Virechanam, Vamanam etc.

4. Rejuvenation therapies

Herbal medicines that have been optimized with ghee or other preparations would be used to restore systemic balance, heal tissue or cell damage, and heal functional harmony.

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