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Ayurvedic Consultation

Why an Ayurvedic consultation is needed?

If you are in search of a complete health, Ayurveda is the answer and Consultation is the first step in to it. Through the wisdom of Ayurveda it brings you , the time tested tools to health and harmony between body mind and soul.

Each individual is endowed with a personal inherent constellation of “thridoshas” called “prakrithi”. I would say it is an “Ayurvedic Medical Identity”. Through a consultation, I explain you more about “prakrithi” and help you find a better balance for your body, mind and soul. Using the pulse diagnosis, tongue diagnosis , etc. This will let you understand the deeper perspective of your health and necessary measures to follow the path of complete health.

Based on the diagnosis , i can offer help and support for your individual situations in the following areas.

  • A new connection back to the mind-body balance, the Ayurvedic way to get back to natural health and enjoy life with respect and reduced stress.
  • Explains “Dinacharya” and “Rithucharya”, are daily and seasonal rituals which can be integrated , would help you to keep “prakrithi”and to avoid the disharmony to it.
  • Diet and Nutrition: personal recommendation in relation to your actual health status, habits, digestion and absorption strength(Agni) etc.
  • Treatment and management of psychosomatic diseases, chronic diseases of neuromuscular and skeletal system, skin diseases, autoimmune disorders and diseases related to digestive system, respiratory diseases, allergies and intolerances.
  • Burnout, depression and other psychological diseases
  • health of women, migraine, fertility, menopause, PMS, menopause etc.
  • cancer and palliative care
  • Ayurveda therapies and Massages: Different kind of therapies optimised to keep health and longitivtiy, like Sirodhara, Marma, Kizhi.

Please contact me for making an appointment.
Price for consultation 1 hour 120.

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