Jeden dritten Samstag von 10 bis 17 Uhr


“ Veda“ means knowledge. It is one of the oldest Sanskrit scripts. The content of Vedas, focus everything in the universe. Mr. Manikantan uses the concept and ideology form vedas to deal with the problems of human life. Supporting and using these techniques to lead and get focused on real-life situations. Vedic consultation uses the soul-mind-intellectual-consciousness connections to explain and to understand the misery. It gives another perspective of day to day conflict and the common question of why I have to go through these.

60 Min. CHF 150.–


Yoga and its philosophy are so famous and everyone knows about it. Here Mr.Manikantan takes another leap to make yoga to be personalized. How?, that is through the Ayurvedic principles. Prakriti- the natural type of individual, which Ayurveda ingrates to understand how the body functions in each individual and the prognosis of diseases or unhealthy conditions. He made some innovative work after analyzing the Prakriti, would introduce yogic principles and Asana (yoga posters) to maintain good health. Prakriti yoga is different because it is individually tailored considering different parameters. Which lacks in normal group Yoga classes

90 Min. CHF 170.–
includes yoga and consultation.


The Ayurvedic Dosha (humor) analysis, pulse diagnosis to understand health in detail, in a holistic approach. Along with this, the Ayurvedic principles of health and well-being, although special diets for individual Dosha types would be specified in detail.
The great connection one has between nutrition and health, how should we feed in harmony with nature, season and more.

60 min CHF 130

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